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Embed a growth mindset at the core of your team. Agile Skillmanagement Software for High Performance Organisations.

A simple and effective tool for team leads and HR managers

An agile four step process that enables you to build a culture of continuous improvement and competence development.

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Pulse Checks for your organisation

You are in a leadership position and want to keep track of where your organisation stands in regards to important issues? The Competence Pilot provides a very simple workflow to regularly check in with your workforce and adjust course accordingly.

Health Indicator: Get alerts on fields of action that need special attention.
Learn from our guidelines and tools for team leads and managers.
Collaborate with stakeholders when defining your relevant fields of action.
Quickly iterate and improve upon your models via importance assessments.
The most intuitive and fun to use assessments on the market.
Easily measure and compare development progress.
Assess the cultural fit of new candidates.
Visualize and communicate skill gaps.
Easy to integrate with your existing software and tools through our standard API.

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